Project Gotham Racing 2

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Bizarre Creations
Microsoft Game Studios
Release Dates
NA November 17, 2003 JP November 20, 2003 PAL November 28, 2003 US August 1, 2016
Single Player, Multiplayer

2 Car List & 2 Track List

Project Gotham Racing 2 (Usually abbreviated to PGR2) is a racing game for the Xbox. Developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Microsoft, PGR2 is the sequel to Project Gotham Racing(2001) and is the second title in the Project Gotham Racing series. In PGR, the game requires a combination of driving fast enough to meet the challenge set, and scoring enough Kudos points to advance. Kudos points are gained through the player's driving skills, such as power sliding around a corner at speed, or overtaking other drivers in the race. Kudos points are used to unlock new cars. The Kudos system, challenges set, available cars and the tracks around which players race were expanded greatly from the original. PGR2 supports Xbox Live and allows players to race against other people all around the world. However, Xbox Live did disconnect since 2010 for the Original Xbox. Additionally, the game features an in-game garage to play the cult-classic Geometry Wars. It also features an ingame showroom where players can actually test drive vehicles or exchange Kudos Tokens for it. PGR2 as of January 11 , 2013 is compatible with the Xbox 360 through a downloadable update.

Gameplay Edit


Offline gameplay of Project Gotham Racing 2.

Single Player

There are three main parts to the single player game: Kudos World Series, Arcade Racing and Time Attack. In Kudos World Series the player has to complete a series of races in 14 different categories of vehicles. The player begins with just three cars in the Compact Sports Series and eventually can have access to 104 cars (120 cars after purchase of the downloadable content). Most cars can be bought in exchange for kudos tokens, although some can only be obtained by completing enough races at a high level.

In Arcade Racing there are 60 medals available, 20 each for street racing, timed runs and cone challenges. Each race is with a car and track that you must race in.

Time attack does not use kudos, where the purpose is for the player to try to get round the circuits as fast as possible. The player can either choose circuit or car challenges. In circuit challenge, the player can choose from a selection of up to 92 circuits and then choose any car to race in. In car challenge the player can choose from a selection of up to 104 cars and race on a predetermined circuit. In both styles circuits and cars may only be chosen if they have previously been unlocked in Kudos World Series or Arcade Racing. If you enter the showroom, you can view and test drive all cars on a test track. You can also race against a ghost car that got the record time. If you like the car and have enough kudos, you can exchange Kudos Tokens for it.

Quick Battles

Basically a racing game's version of a sport's game 'exhibition.' Choose from most of the game's cars, and race on any of the courses. Can choose from Street Race, Dual Race and CPU Race. or (novice), (easy), (medium), (hard), and (expert).

Below are the list of cars available in this mode.

         Maker                              Make
         Compact Sports                     Lancia Delta Integrale Evo
                                            Volkswagen R32
                                            Renault Clio V6
                                            Honda Civic Type-R (J)
                                            Ford Focus RS
                                            Volkswagen New Beetle RSi
                                            Seat Leon Cupra R
                                            MINI Cooper S
         Sports Convertible                 BMW Z4 3.0i
                                            Honda S2000
                                            Porsche Boxster S
                                            Toyota MR2 Spyder
                                            Mazda Miata MX-5
                                            Audi TT Roadster
         Coupe                              Audi TT 3.2 Quattro
                                            BMW M3
                                            BMW M1
                                            Audi S4
                                            Nissan 350Z
                                            Honda Integra Type-R (J)
                                            Mazda RX-8
                                            Audi TT Coupe
         Sport Utility                      Ford SVT Lightning
                                            BMW X5 4.6is
                                            Porsche Cayenne Turbo
                                            Mercedes ML55 AMG
                                            Chevrolet SSR
                                            Volvo XC90
         Pacific Muscle                     Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) Nür
                                            Subaru Impreza WRX STi
                                            Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo
                                            Mazda RX-7
                                            Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII
                                            Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4
         Roadster                           AC 427 MKIII
                                            Renault Spider
                                            Caterham 7 Classic
                                            Lotus 340R
                                            Lotus Elise
                                            Vauxhall VX220
         Classics                           Ferrari 250 GTO
                                            Lancia Stratos
                                            Ferrari Dino 246 GT
                                            Ferrari 275 GTB
                                            Porsche 911 RS 2.7
                                            Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
                                            Jaguar E-Type
                                            Porsche 550 Spyder
                                            Nissan 240Z
                                            Toyota 2000GT
         Sports Coupe                       Iceni
                                            Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe (996)
                                            Morgan Aero 8
                                            Cadillac XLR
                                            TVR Chimaera
                                            TVR Tamora
                                            Audi RS6
                                            Jaguar XKR
                                            Lexus SC 430
         American Muscle                    Pontiac Trans Am
                                            Chevrolet Camaro Z28
                                            Ford SVT Mustang Cobra
                                            Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2
                                            Chevrolet Camaro SS
                                            Corvette Sting Ray
                                            Pontiac GTO
         Super Cars                         Delfino Feroce
                                            TVR Tuscan Speed 6
                                            Ferrari 360 Spider
                                            Ferrari 360 Modena
                                            Dodge Viper GTS
                                            Chevrolet Corvette Z06
                                            Porsche 911 Turbo (996)
                                            Ferrari 355 F1
         Grand Touring                      Lotus Esprit V8
                                            Aston Martin Vanquish
                                            Ferrari 575M Maranello
                                            Mercedes SL55 AMG
                                            Ferrari 550 Barchetta
                                            Ferrari Testarossa
                                            Bentley Continental GT
         Track Specials                     Ferrari Challenge Stradale
                                            Porsche 911 GT3 (996)
                                            Noble M12 GTO3
                                            Honda NSX Type-R (J)
                                            Dodge Viper SRT-10
                                            Vauxhall VX220 Turbo
                                            Lotus Exige
         Extreme                            Ascari KZ1
                                            Jaguar XJ220
                                            Porsche 911 GT2 (993)
                                            Ferrari F50
                                            Ferrari F40
                                            Porsche 959
                                            Ford GT40
         Ultimate                           TVR Cerbera Speed 12
                                            Porsche 911 GT1
                                            Mercedes CLK-GTR
                                            Pagani Zonda S
                                            Enzo Ferrari
                                            Koenigsegg CC V8S
                                            Porsche Carrera GT
                                            Ford GT
                                            Saleen S7
         Paris Booster Pack                 TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (Live)
                                            Ferrari 288 GTO
                                            BMW 645Ci
                                            Ferrari 365 GTS4
                                            Porsche 356A Carrera Speedster
                                            Ferrari 250TR
                                            Chevrolet Corvette C6
                                            BMW M3 CSL
         Long Beach Booster Pack            Radical SR3 Turbo
                                            Porsche 911 GT2 Clubsport
                                            Volkswagen Nardo
                                            Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
                                            Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi
                                            Dodge RAM SRT-10
                                            Ariel Atom 2
                                            Subaru Impreza 22B STi

I can't seem to know how to unlock all of the tracks in the quick battle section?, Can they be unlocked?, Its expert, go on any track with a pretty fast car, do a 15 lap race on very expert. Just before you cross the finish line on the first lap stop and let all the cars go past u. As the last one flys past push the pedal to the medal, drive over the finish line and get from 8th to 1st in 1 lap. Its like getting a special award. when u next go into ya tracks a new one should be unlocked. You probably just unlock all of the tracks that are in the Season/Event races. For instance, the oval track isn't on Quick Battle. No I don't think that there any other tracks that are only in quick battle, Also be sure to include the name of the track!

Below are the list of tracks available in this mode.

         Maker                              Make
         Barcelona                          Barri Gotic
                                            Catalan Challenge
                                            Las Ramblas
                                            Passeig de Colom
                                            Place de Jaume
         Chicago                            Chicago River Tour
                                            East Kinzie Crossover
                                            East On Wacker
                                            In The Loop
                                            Lower Wacker Run
                                            North Wabash Overpass
                                            River Crossing
                                            The Miracle Mile
                                            Wells & Lake
                                            West On Wacker
         Edinburgh                          Castle Eight
                                            Grassmarket East
                                            Grassmarket Eight
                                            Grassmarket West
                                            Lothian Road Eight Long
                                            Lothian Road Eight
                                            Princess Street East
                                            Princess Street Long
                                            Princess Street Loop
                                            Terrace Sprint
         Florence                           Arno
                                            Arno 2
                                            Battistero 1
                                            Battistero 2
                                            Duomo 2
                                            Duomo 1
                                            Piazza della Repubblica
                                            Piazza della Signoria 1
                                            Piazza della Signoria 2
                                            Ponte Vecchio
         Hong Kong                          Admiralty
                                            Cotton Tree Drive
                                            Harbour Run
                                            Harcourt Challenge
                                            Hennessy Road
                                            The Waterfront
                                            The Convention Centres
                                            Wan Chai Run
         Long Beach                         Aquarium
                                            CC Circular
                                            Coastal Run
                                            Dolphin Loop
                                            Long Beach Challenge
                                            LBC (Long Beach City)
                                            Ocean Boulevard
                                            Rainbow Lagoon
         Moscow                             KGB Corner
                                            Kremlin 1
                                            Kremlin 2
                                            Red Square 1
                                            Red Square 2
                                            St Basil's Circle
         Nurburgring                        Nordschleife 1
         Paris                              Avenue D'lena
                                            Circuit Interieur 
                                            Elysees Challenge
                                            L'Arc de Triomphe
                                            Le Circuit Comple
                                            Les Deux Ponts
                                            Les Monuments Celebres
         Stockholm                          Bridges
                                            Gamla Island Hopping
                                            Gamla Oval
                                            Gamla Stan Loop
                                            Island Hop
                                            Northern 2
                                            Northern 3
                                            Round the Riksdagshuset
                                            Speed Freak
         Sydney                             Argyle Street
                                            Cumberland Street
                                            Dawes Point Loop
                                            Downtown Short
                                            George St. Challenge
                                            Harbour Bridge
                                            Hickson Run
                                            Opera House View
                                            Sydeny Harbour
                                            The Rocks Route
                                            The Wharf
                                            Under the Bridge
         Washington D.C.                    Capitol Thrill
                                            Capitol Thrill 2
                                            Northside Slide
                                            Ring Race
                                            Square Dancin'
                                            The Tour
                                            Up and Over
         Yokohama                           Downtown
                                            Honcho dori
                                            Minato Mirai
                                            Seaside Loop
                                            Shinko Park
                                            Warehouse Loop
                                            Yokohama Bay Tour
                                            Yokohama Challenge

Challenges are divided into the following difficulties:

Steel (Novice)

This is for inexperienced players to the racing genre. Although it is very easy, as many expect the reward isn't very high and encourages the player to jump up the difficulty.

Bronze (Easy)

This is also best suited for beginners that just want to hop into a vehicle. It is more challenging than Steel and has a higher reward, but players with a love for racing games want to bring up the difficulty.


Silver(Medium) is best suited for players with moderate experience for racing games. The difficultly and reward is greater as compared to Steel and Bronze. On the other hand, if the player wants to they can bump up the difficulty.


Gold(Hard) is for more experienced players that are looking for a challenge. Although Gold is always seen as the most challenging difficulty with the greatest reward, there still is another difficulty that even challenges the very-experienced.


Platinum(Expert) is for very-experienced players who apparently have the highest-attention span to actually play the game multiple times just to receive the medal. This difficulty is the most challenging but also the most rewarding. Many agree that it is better to get all Platinum for Kudos World Series than Arcade Mode because it is actually less difficult (Remember in Arcade Mode players can't choose their own vehicle) and the player will be rewarded the TVR Cobra Speed 12.


Project Gotham Racing 2 offers the ability to play online against up to seven other players. You can choose the race type (Exhibition or Kudos), turn collisions on or off (only in Exhibition), set the city, route, laps, time of day, and weather, and restrict whichever car classes you want. The game will always show you real-time leader boards for each and every race. The online has been praised for being incredibly smooth and responsive, with no noticeable lag.

Soundtrack Edit

"Hoshikuzu no Night Table" by Akiko Kabashima

"What I Said" by Alien Crime Syndicate

"Bump That" by Bathgate

"Whatever Happened to My Rock & Roll" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

"Mia" by Chevelle

"Space Chappie" by Color Variation

"Look at All the People Here Tonight" by David Lee Roth

"Slam Dunk" by DLR Band

"Catch the Sun" by Doves

"Enemy" by Eve6

"Crime" by Fujin

"Passion, Harley Mix" by Gearwhore

"I Heard You" by Good Charlotte

"Little Things" by Good Charlotte

"19/2000" by Gorillaz

"Teach Me" by Groovenics

"I Fall Down" by Handsome Devil

"Deep Shot" by Hash Ball

"Amygdale" by Heather Duby

"Beat Em Up" by Iggy Pop

"BurnItBlack" by Injected

"Split C-J" by Inner Cafe

"Slave Beat" by Junior Sanchez

"Jonny" by Kittie

"Spit" by Kittie

"D x Drive" by Kuo Hirota

"Scream" by L.A. Guns

"Broken Tape Decks" by LA Symphony

"Call it What You Want" by LA Symphony

"Mondo '77" by Looper

"My Robot" by Looper

"Stay Out of Jail" by Love as Laughter

"Temptation Island" by Love as Laughter

"Superstar" by Love Seed Mama Jump

"I See Sound" by Moth

"Idle Hands" by The Murder City Devils

"That's What You Got" by The Murder City Devils

"Come Down" by Nebula

"Junk" by Photek

"Identity Crisis" by Pigeon John

"Tastes Like Burning" by Polecat

"Same Ol' Same Ol', hip-hop mix" by PYT

"You are my Battlestar" by Q-Burns

"Nekosogi Hosii" by Saeko Kai

"Click Click Boom" by Saliva

"Aisle 10, Mad Lib Remix" by Scapegoat Wax

"Set it Off" by Shuvel

"Resonate" by Sir Mix-A-Lot

"What you say" by Skrape

"koi wa" by Smile Street featuring Mica

"Souljahz Don't Stop" by Souljahz

"Throw Yo Hands Up" by Souljahz

"Earthquake" by Spacehog

"Deep Down & Dirty" by Stereo MC's

"Inside" by Switched

"Cruising" by Syuusei Murai

"Some Things Never Fall" by The Black Halos

"Galaxy Bounce" by The Chemical Brothers

"Looking for a Super Girl" by The Makers

"Time of Your Life" by The Yo-Yo's

"Roll Out" by Timbaland & Magoo

"To Leave It Now" by Trembling Blue Stars

"Barbed Wire" by Zen Guerrilla